I want to thank the voters of Cobb County for their confidence and support by electing me their next Chairman of the Board of Commissioners.

Everyone can be assured that I shall be mindful every day of my commitment to lead an open and transparent government. During the campaign I heard the call for a Board which welcomes all voices. We shall work hard to be one that is inclusive one and trustworthy.

In the days ahead, I shall continue my engagement with the leadership of the surrounding counties and municipalities in Cobb County, as well as business communities, non-profit organizations, and the many social and neighborhood groups who have reached out to me. I look forward to meeting with the various departments and agencies of Cobb County as well as continuing to work with the seven committees updating the current County Strategic Plan. The Public Safety, Human Capital, Quality of Life, Transportation, Development and Entrepreneurship committees respectively led by Steve Gaynor, Shelia Edwards, Debbie Fisher, Ron Sifen, Fred Beloin, and Marty Williamson are at various stages in drafting their parts of the Strategic Plan. I shall remain actively engaged by attending their meetings and chairing the Governance committee.

I am excited about assuming the Chairmanship on January 1, 2017, and will be advised by an experienced transition team during the interim. We look forward to working closely with Chairman Lee to facilitate a smooth transition so that we can hit the ground running. The team is led by Michael Murphy, and includes Thea Powell, Millie Rogers, Joe Profit, and Kevin Nicholas.

A great honor and responsibility has been bestowed upon me by the voters of Cobb County. All that I have done in the past has prepared me for this position and I am ready to assume the helm of this great ship called Cobb County. It is time now for all of us to come together and begin this new journey into an even brighter future where we can all safely work, live, recreate and pursue our dreams.