As I travel through Cobb County and meet with people in all walks of life, I hear an increasing chorus of people who are not happy with the way that our County is being managed.  There is the perception that the current administration believes that our money is their money to do as they please. Cobb has a strong history of doing things to protect the community both physically and financially, a path we have strayed from in the past few years. As a county we have always maintained a higher bar one which others sought to copy and today many feel we have a form of government which is not transparent and non-responsive to those who they serve.

I hear them and therefore I am establishing an exploratory committee for the Chairmanship in 2016.  In the days ahead I plan to put myself in the shoes of day-to-day workers.  I want to ask them their thoughts on how we can continue to make Cobb a great place to live, work and play.

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