Although we have been quiet since our run off victory in July, don't take that as any sign that I have just been sitting around. Yes, the 6 weeks have included long-delayed time with family and friends. Our collective victory brought many "new friends" to our effort but I have been primarily staying touch with my supporters by attending events with them. I want them to know how much I appreciate all that they did for our victory. I certainly don't want them to ever think that I take them for granted. My calendar has also included many meetings with leaders of municipalities, legislative representatives, educational leaders, and other groups. Although the media remains interested in our unique achievement, I remain committed to my promise to avoid as much as possible any comments on any actions by the current Chairman and the Board of Commissioners until I assume the Chairmanship in January. I constantly emphasize that I am the presumptive Chairman-elect until 8 November when the electorate formalizes my future as your next Chairman.

The Around Town section of the September 10th MDJ has a good summary of some of the work I have been doing. I’ll just quote a few lines from it so that you understand the direction I have been taking to prepare for the future.

“Mike Boyce has been doing some traveling since he ousted Cobb County Chairman Tim Lee in the July runoff, but don’t take that to mean he’s ensconced on a beach somewhere, serenely unconcerned about the government he is expected to lead in January.

Boyce and his allies are at work on a strategic plan for the county that he’ll present to the Board of Commissioners after he is formally elected in November and takes office in January.

Of course, the county already has a strategic plan, but it’s not the plan Boyce wants, he told Around Town this week. The retired Marine colonel is approaching the new plan by placing team leaders in charge of a particular subject — transportation, public safety, economic development, diversity and communications…”