Weekly update for March 29

I continue to travel around Cobb and meet people where they work and play. As I spend time with them, I appreciate more and more how hard they work, how much they enjoy what they are doing, and how much they care about this County.

Whether it be in a Starbucks or a local meeting, I continue to be heartened by the number of people who recognize me and more importantly come up to speak to me. Their actions reinforce the lesson I learned earlier that if you have time for them, they have time for you.

The Chairman last week tabled his proposals for a Homestead Optional Sales Tax and a Bus Rapid Transit system (by definition in the Atlanta Regional Commission Plan 2040 Framework a “fixed guide-way transit concept”). Am I the only one that finds this interesting coming on the heels of the announcement of our Exploratory Committee?

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Weekly update

As you can tell from the pictures, this past week was a combination of attending formal events and being updated on issues involving Cobb County and traveling around Cobb and meeting residents where they work or meet. Lots of great people doing lots of great things.

Why wasn’t Cobb County invited to the announcement Tuesday of the Comcast-Braves deal?

KellyWhy wasn’t Cobb County invited to the announcement Tuesday of the Comcast-Braves deal? You would think that a county government that will spend more than $600 million on a bond for a stadium that is half of the Braves complex would have been part of the event. I know the County Chairman was at the Board of Commissioners meeting. But Kellie Brownlow, the new Deputy Chief to the Chairman sat across the table from me at Tuesday’s East Cobb Business Ass’n luncheon. So she clearly was available for the announcement. Very curious.

Terrell Mill Community Association Town Hall

More than 130 people attended the Terrell Mill Community Ass’n Town Hall Wednesday night at Brumby Elementary School and they were not disappointed. Members of the Cobb School Board discussed the proposed construction of the new Brumby ES on Terrell Mill; representatives addressed the impact of all the road construction on Windy Hill, Terrell Mill, and Lower Roswell (it’s the perfect storm; buy audio books for your car for the next 3 years); there was a brief by law enforcement officials on matters of local concern; and the District Commissioner finished up with his topics. Best town hall that I have ever attended. Congratulations to William Parker, the President of the TMCA and all the Board members for a forum which I believe the Founding Fathers had in mind when they developed our political system.