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  • April Campaign Update

    As we enter the 3rd quarter of our campaign, it comes with the very good news that our grassroots campaign is having a positive effect upon Cobb voters. Our internal data is showing that we are beginning to win this campaign! Among voters who have made their decision, we are …
  • March Campaign Update

    The Marietta Daily Journal on Sunday published an editorial encouraging passage of and signing by the governor of State Senator Lindsey Tippins’ bill that requires voter input on large transit projects. In Senator Tippins’ own words, “To make the argument that an elected group of commissioners could obligate the finances …
  • The Campaign Train Keeps Moving!

    This campaign resembles a football game in that there are 4 quarters. We are in the first quarter and finding it an open field as we do our canvassing and telephone calls. We know there is an opponent out there; he just hasn’t shown up to play yet other than …