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  • We continue marching to the July 26th Runoff!

    We won the Republican Primary on May 24th with a grassroots campaign. Our team remains committed to winning the Runoff on July 26th with the same energy and passion. Become part of changing Cobb’s leadership by volunteering and/or donating today.
  • A great start, but more work is left…

    The seismic shift felt last night in Cobb County was the rebuke that the voters of Cobb County gave a well-funded incumbent. The voters were finally afforded a long delayed referendum on the secret manner that the Chairman of Cobb County obligated the County to a generational bond while virtually …
  • May Campaign Update

    As we enter the fourth and final quarter of our campaign, scoring the winning touchdown is clearly within our means. What seemed 15 months ago like an impossible dream of unseating a well-funded incumbent is looming as a disconcerting reality to the moneyed interests behind him. All our efforts during …