Today is my birthday and it has been filled with many gifts of grace in the form of friends, family and wonderful and warm birthday greetings on Facebook and elsewhere from campaign supporters. I have said it many times that I have never had a bad day on the campaign trail because all of them have been filled with meeting people who live in Cobb County and elsewhere. Today was a great example of that.

Last Friday night, Judy and some campaign workers were at Marietta Square for their monthly concert. There is just one word to describe the evening—fun. Just think, a couple thousand people all jammed into one place and all of them prospective voters. Think how long it would take to knock on doors to meet that many voters. Needless to say we made the most of it and by the time the music started, there were a lot of people wearing Mike Boyce for Chairman stickers.

We have a crowd for the East Cobber parade on Saturday,10 October but the more the merrier. Everyone receives a free campaign t-shirt and more importantly you are guaranteed to have fun. Click on the Volunteer button or go to and register. Do something today that will be something that you can talk about tomorrow. Make a difference. Get involved.



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