The presentation of the 2016 Cobb County budget and the importance of the programs therein have been overshadowed by the continuing insistence by District 4 Commissioner Lisa Cupid that the recent trailing of her automobile late at night by an undercover police officer was bad police work. This has now been a story for almost a month and the lack of leadership by the chairman to resolve this only shows his failure to lead. I encountered this kind of dilemma earlier in my Marine Corps career when racial problems confronted our military community. I can say with a high degree of confidence that the way out of his impasse requires decisive leadership that emphasizes strongly that there is only one standard for all public officials. There are no simple answers once race has been thrown into the equation but there are solutions. Now is not the time for carefully crafted statements but active involvement by a leader in bringing all the sides of this growing dispute to the table to work out the issues. I have the utmost respect for both sides and have to believe that they both want to resolve this disagreement positively and constructively.

I have been a frequent visitor in Commissioner Cupid’s district and am very familiar with the efforts of Precinct 2 Captain Jeff Adcock in working with her and her constituents in addressing their law enforcement concerns. I fervently hope that common ground can continue to be found that will maintain the momentum of community building that has been one of the hallmarks of the Captain Adcock and Commissioner Cupid’s tenures.


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