6-8 p.m., Wednesday, June 17
Join us on the CobbTV networks for a SPLOST overview featuring Cobb commissioners, county department head and me as we present items on the project list.

6-8 p.m., Thursday, June 18
Representatives from Cobb’s six cities will join us to discuss their needed infrastructure improvement plans and the impact on their budgets if their projects are funded with SPLOST proceeds.

You will have a chance to have your questions answered by commenting online or sending your email questions to SPLOSTcomments@cobbcounty.org. You can watch live and join the discussion at cobbcounty.org/CobbTV, facebook.com/cobbcountygovernment or youtube.com/cobbcountygovt.

The Cobb 2022 SPLOST Renewal Program of projects includes “Tier 1” and “Tier 2” categories. Tier 2 projects will be implemented only if SPLOST revenues exceed projections and tax proceeds are available after the funding of all of the Tier 1 projects at their estimated costs.

Projected SPLOST Collection over 6 Years: $ 750,000,000

Tier 1 Projects Estimated Costs
1 Countywide Projects $ 46,000,000.00
2 Sheriff’s Office $ 4,000,000.00
3 Community Impact Projects $ 32,000,000.00
4 Public Safety $ 82,000,000.00
5 Transportation $ 329,867,821.87
6 Public Services (Libraries, Parks & Community Centers) $ 27,850,000.00
7 Support Services (Information Services & Property Management) $ 27,150,000.00
8 City SPLOST Allocation $ 183,132,178.13 9 Joint Project Allocations with Cities – $ 3M per city $ 18,000,000.00

Tier 2 Projects Estimated Costs

10 Additional County and City Projects $ 44,038,172.13

A detailed list of all the projects can be found at:


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