I learned early that time is one thing that you cannot get back. Therefore, I usually tried to complete early the various papers I had to write when in school. That allowed me the opportunity to make revisions should circumstances require it prior to submitting the paper. Our campaign has been influenced by similar thinking. We front loaded a number of actions including canvassing and phone banking early in the year for the Primary and early in the summer for the General Election. This has been critical since there is no way I could continue to fulfill my duties as Chairman and still campaign if we decided to focus our efforts in the traditional post-Labor Day period for campaigns. The foresight of this approach is being borne out as local races become drowned out by the money pouring into the Presidential, senatorial, and congressional campaigns. Moreover, the large number of absentee ballots (more than 130K in Cobb alone) and the start of early voting tomorrow have changed the nature and timing for campaigns.

So, while still canvassing daily, I still have time be part of such events as touring our new medical examiner building, be part of the reopening of County senior centers, and working with Commissioner Ott and the County staff in responding to local flooding on Sunday.

Highlighting last week was the arrival of our 5th grandchild, Charlotte Anne.

In short, a Chairman has to be able to multi-task and yet remain focused on the game plan and avoid distractions as the General Election on November 3d fast approaches. Below are the time and locations for early voting in the County. Don’t forget that there are also 16 ballot boxes located throughout the County for absentee ballots. You can also mail the ballots.


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