259.  That is how many days are left until the Primary on May 24th, 2016.  And the Republican candidate emerging from the Primary is traditionally the next Chairman.

What we do in the next few months in getting our name in front of the voters and raising funds is absolutely critical in preparing ourselves for the most difficult of all political challenges:  Running against an incumbent.  What we accomplish in September and October decides the depth and breadth of our Get out the Vote efforts after New Year’s which decides the outcome in the May Primary.  So you may want to consider how effective your support will be by delaying becoming involved until the New Year.

After 6 months of listening to voters in Cobb, I know we have the cause that resonates with the people.  They want a Chairman who believes in open and transparent government and is committed to integrity and trust as your leader.    You can help make that a reality by becoming involved.  Find yourself in one of the pictures of the weekly update.   Volunteer and donate today!!



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