Mike delivered for public safety and first responders:
Better pay and incentives for public safety officers
More police cars and body cameras to modernize our police
Better funding to hire more police officers and keep Cobb County safe

Mike delivered improvements to our quality of life:
Added green space and parks that keep Cobb County healthy
Opened two new libraries and expanded hours for more accessibility
Eliminated the need for fees at Cobb County senior centers
Created additional weekend bus services for improved transit
Kept every recreation facility and park open for residents to enjoy

Mike delivered better economic prosperity for our community:
Cobb County continues to maintain the lowest millage rate in Metro Atlanta
Maintained our county bond rating AAA for the 22nd consecutive year
Maintained our water system bond rating AAA

Mike continued to support Cobb County’s veterans:
Recognized Korean War and Vietnam War veterans with ceremonies at the Cobb Civic Center
Secured ordinance providing funding for the Cobb County Veterans Memorial
Added Veterans Day to the calendar as a County holiday