Since the start of our campaign we have asked one question that has gone unanswered by the Chairman. If we could vote on a $40 million dollar park bond, than why couldn’t we vote on the $350 million stadium bond? All the negative mailers and messages from Chairman are poor attempts to distract you from the fact that he still has no good answer to that question. Moreover, in direct contrast to his increasing efforts to drag this race into the gutter, we have run a positive campaign that sticks to the issues and informs the voters about my candidacy. We don’t have to talk about our opponent; his sad record on openness and transparency speaks for itself.

On May 24th we showed the door to the Chairman by decisively defeating him in the Republican Primary. I am now asking you to stay strong and show him the way out by voting me for me in the runoff on July 26th.

We won the Republican Primary on May 24th with a grassroots campaign. Our team remains committed to winning the Runoff on July 26th with the same energy and passion. Become part of changing Cobb’s leadership by volunteering and/or donating today.

The seismic shift felt last night in Cobb County was the rebuke that the voters of Cobb County gave a well-funded incumbent. The voters were finally afforded a long delayed referendum on the secret manner that the Chairman of Cobb County obligated the County to a generational bond while virtually shutting out any public input. The 49.1% of the votes that we received was a magnificent testimony to our grassroots effort, especially the work of our volunteers. Just as important, the results sent a message of hope to the residents of Cobb County that democracy is still alive and well here. There ARE people who are willing to sacrifice their time and resources to ensure that we continue to live in a community where our voices are heard and respected by our elected officials.

While appreciating and savoring the outpolling of a candidate who was endorsed by several major elected official in Cobb County, our campaign is unfinished. July 26th is the run off. Our army of volunteers is poised and ready to rejoin the political battle ahead of us. Join the team that will bring fresh thinking and accountability to the leadership of Cobb County government. Volunteer and donate today!!