The seismic shift felt last night in Cobb County was the rebuke that the voters of Cobb County gave a well-funded incumbent. The voters were finally afforded a long delayed referendum on the secret manner that the Chairman of Cobb County obligated the County to a generational bond while virtually shutting out any public input. The 49.1% of the votes that we received was a magnificent testimony to our grassroots effort, especially the work of our volunteers. Just as important, the results sent a message of hope to the residents of Cobb County that democracy is still alive and well here. There ARE people who are willing to sacrifice their time and resources to ensure that we continue to live in a community where our voices are heard and respected by our elected officials.

While appreciating and savoring the outpolling of a candidate who was endorsed by several major elected official in Cobb County, our campaign is unfinished. July 26th is the run off. Our army of volunteers is poised and ready to rejoin the political battle ahead of us. Join the team that will bring fresh thinking and accountability to the leadership of Cobb County government. Volunteer and donate today!!


As we enter the fourth and final quarter of our campaign, scoring the winning touchdown is clearly within our means. What seemed 15 months ago like an impossible dream of unseating a well-funded incumbent is looming as a disconcerting reality to the moneyed interests behind him. All our efforts during the cold days of January and February are bearing fruit as shown by the steady receipt of contributions, requests for yard signs, and registration of volunteers. Our team of volunteers have been hearing wonderful words of encouragement and support on their telephone calls and canvassing with the voters at their doors. The recent endorsement by the local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police for our campaign shows that our officers understand and are confident in my commitment to making them the best trained, equipped, led, and paid police in Georgia.

Our message that the people of Cobb who were allowed to vote on two $40 million park bonds should have also been allowed to vote on a $350 million stadium bond resonates with almost everyone with whom we have spoken. Voters understand that my promise to lead an open and transparent government based on trust and integrity will ensure that there will be no more secret deals using our tax money.

I am truly inspired by the truly impressive efforts of our team in contacting voters. But we cannot let up! We continue to need your help with donations and volunteering in our Get Out The Vote effort leading up to the Primary which is a mere 2 weeks away. The winds of change are in the air. I am asking you to become part of making history in Cobb County in showing that the power of government resides in the voices of the people through their votes. It is a power that cannot be bought but earned. Together I know and am confident we can do this!!


As we enter the 3rd quarter of our campaign, it comes with the very good news that our grassroots campaign is having a positive effect upon Cobb voters. Our internal data is showing that we are beginning to win this campaign! Among voters who have made their decision, we are tied with the Chairman countywide. In some areas, we are leading! Even better news, among the voters we have contacted in recent weeks, we are showing an upward trend – every day, as many as 40% of the people we speak to are saying “I like Mike!” and joining the team. Since we have made nearly 25,000 calls, there is real excitement!

However, there are still many undecided voters. By our estimates, about 4 in 10 voters still haven’t made up their mind, but our grassroots effort is perfectly poised to address this block of voters. Moreover, our message of committing to an open and transparent government resonates with the voters. The dominant issue when we talk with people is that they resent how the deal for the Braves stadium was forced upon them with little opportunity for the community to express its opinion. The voters are mystified as to why they could vote on two $40 million park bonds but had no voice in a $350 million stadium deal.

Positive name recognition is essential in winning this campaign, and that is where we have the most room to grow. Therefore, speaking with voters directly is our top priority. We know that we still have a long road in front of us. But, as you can tell from the picture of the meter that displays the results of our grassroots effort, we have an army of committed and passionate volunteers to carry the ball across the goal line. It’s been a long road thus far, and we’re almost home. Now is the time to tell ourselves that an extra hour each week is the difference between victory and a new platform of transparency in our government.

Early voting starts in one month and the primary is less than 50 days away. We need to remain focused on efforts to get out the vote. While we still need funding, equally important is our need for volunteers to canvass, make telephone calls, and staff the Victory Center. Volunteer and donate today at and become part of a winning team.