Lots of events this week with lots of voters:  Georgia Tea Party, Kiwanis, Habitat for Humanity, Mt Bethel UMC consignment sale.  No moss growing under my feet as I continue to reach out to the voters and hear their concerns.  One of the most informative events was the 2015 forum on Cobb’s Future hosted by the Cobb Chamber and the Council for Quality Growth.  The comments made in one presentation on the strengths of a community improvement district (CID) were pretty much in line with what I saw during my tour in the spring looking at cities that had used CID’s to pursue economic development and those that had not.   The Cobb EDGE program and CID’s are two programs with whom I would look forward to working as your Chairman.

The East Cobber Parade is coming on Saturday, September 12th from 10 am to 11 am.  If you want to experience the fun and feel for a grassroots campaign, there is no better opportunity than registering to be a participant in this parade or work the campaign tent after the parade from 11 am to 3 pm.  You can register at volunteers@likemike4cobb.com.

Your vote and support, regardless of their nature, make a big difference in our campaign.  Volunteer and donate today and be part of Cobb’s future!!


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After climbing and sliding through the Fagarash Mountains in Romania on a mission trip as part of a fund raising campaign for a youth camp, it’s good to be back at sea level.  The week was filled with events both informative and supportive beginning with the presentation of the Cobb County budget which I am still reviewing.  Later in the week was my swearing ceremony at the Lost Mountain Chapter of Kiwanis International which many of my friends and supporters who are members have been encouraging me to join.  Given my record of service to the community, joining Kiwanis was a natural fit.  Along those lines, I again was with friends and patriots at Project Mail Call to pack morale boxes for the troops.  This is an amazing program which has been run out of the basement of the home of Ed and Mary Ettels for more than 10 years.  This wonderful couple represent s some of the best of America.

During the weekend, the Hearts for Heroes Foundation hosted former Seal Team 6 member Senior Chief Petty Officer Robert O’Neill.  He gave a riveting presentation on both his training and the nature of his deployments with this heralded unit.  On Sunday, the Congregation of Etz Chaim had an equally informative and educational forum and moving service of remembrance on the 100thanniversary of the lynching of Leo Frank.  Judy and I were warmly welcomed by the congregation.

The campaign continues to be fun and informative.  Invest in the future of Cobb County by clicking on the volunteer and donation buttons on this web site.  Join me in a journey which, at the end, you can say that you made a difference.


A message from Judy Boyce

Hello, everyone! While Mike is on a church mission trip, I’ve had the responsibility of keeping the campaign going. I have to say – I’m enjoying every moment of it! As I mentioned, Mike is away on the mission trip to help children in the former communist country of Romania. Here’s a message directly from him:

Greetings from the Carpathian Mountains in Romania where I am part of a back packing team on a mission trip raising interest in programs for underserved children in this former communist country. Those who know me appreciate how much service to veterans, my community and my church remain cornerstones of my personal life. I shall bring the same commitment to you as your Chairman. Invest in the new future of Cobb and join our team at LikeMike4Cobb on the web, Facebook, and Twitter.

Saturday was an amazing day on the campaign trail. I started out at the monthly Cobb County Republican Breakfast in Marietta. Naturally, I took the opportunity to speak with everyone I possibly could to ensure they know Mike is running to serve them before anything else. The response at the breakfast was tremendous. As a bonus, I had the opportunity to hear from a panel that included 9th District Congressman Doug Collins on criminal justice reforms here in Georgia.

My day continued on at the Smyrna Birthday Celebration. It is easy to appreciate why Smyrna is such a wonderful city for its residents. The residents who celebrated with food, fireworks, a giant birthday cake, and music showed me why. Everyone I spoke with was welcoming and warm. And, I’m very excited to say that a great number of them expressed their support for Mike in the process. One man even told me his 95 year old mother has Mike’s push card right on her refrigerator and will be voting for him next May.

No one can replace Mike; his leadership and concern for every person around him shines through with every person he meets. But, I have to be honest – I loved being out in Cobb County on his behalf! I know I can speak for him when I say we would appreciate your support and your vote next May in the Republican Primary for Cobb County Commission Chairman.