As many of you know I attended and received my undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame.   Father Ted Hesburgh was the President of the University during my studies.  He left a wonderful legacy including words of wisdom that carried him through some very difficult times in which he had to make some equally tough decisions.  My favorite quote from him is the following:

“My principle is that you don’t make decisions because they are easy; you don’t make them because they are cheap; you don’t make them because they are popular; you make them because they are right.”

In war and peace these words guided me not only on my spiritual walk but in my professional career and personal activities.

If these are the kind of words that you believe should influence and direct your Chairman, then join me in my campaign for Cobb County Chairman in 2016.  I promise that I’ll work daily to keep your confidence and trust.  Click on the Donate and Volunteer buttons and become part of shaping the New Cobb.



When it comes to defining responsibility, Admiral Hyman Rickover perhaps said it best.

“Responsibility is a unique concept.  It can only reside and inhere in a single individual.  You may share it with others but your portion is not diminished.  You may delegate it but it is still with you.  You may disclaim it but you can never divest yourself of it. Unless you can point yourself at the man who is responsible when something goes wrong then you have never had anyone responsible.”

Words like Rickover’s have been ingrained in me throughout my life, first by my parents, and later by mentors in my military career.  If Admiral Rickover’s words resonate with you, then join our campaign for Cobb County Chairman.  Donate and volunteer today!!


What a terrific week celebrating our nation’s birthday.  The rain did not dampen spirits as we were out and about with many of our campaign team and supporters meeting people and having a good time.  As much as a grassroots campaign owns you and your time, the benefit of sharing experiences with the voters more than compensates for any sacrifice.

One of the challenges of campaigning during the summer is grabbing the attention of the public about a future ballot, especially one that is 10 months off.  People are vacationing with their families or there are so many other distractions that prevent people from realizing that the outcome in the May 2016 primary is directly influenced by the support we receive early in the campaign.  A baseball season may last from April to September but you can lose the season by playing poorly in April.  Even if your budget doesn’t allow a donation at this time, we still need your time and talents as a volunteer. So click on the volunteer button and join our team.