A week marked by information, celebration and remembrance. The Georgia Tea Party hosted Ron Sifen who is one of the most knowledgeable individuals on transportation issues in Cobb County. The Lockheed Martin Retirees Assn invited me to give my presentation on the Federal Budget. The Law Enforcement Memorial Service and Candlelight Vigil organized by the Kermit C. Sanders Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police on the Marietta Square was moving tribute to our police officers who died in the line of duty. Finally, Memorial Day with its national observances for those who gave all so that we the living might do so in freedom.  These events all demonstrate the vibrancy of America and the involvement of people who work to make us the greatest nation on earth.


Commissioner Bob Ott Town Hall, meetings with the East Cobb Kiwanis, and greeting the troops at the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport were just some of the events that I attended this week in my continuing outreach to voters in Cobb County. Topping the week was being part of my Marine Corps League Detachment’s recognition of two young men who represent the future of our country. One was a Boy Scout who had attained the rank of Eagle Scout—an accomplishment that only 4% of all Boy Scouts achieve. The second recognition was the awarding of a $2000 scholarship to a high school graduate whose personal story included high academic achievement and countless hours as a volunteer despite the loss of his parents at young age. As I have said many times, veterans continue to serve even after they leave the service. It’s in their DNA.

This coming weekend is Memorial Day when we should take the time to honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. I have included under the Articles tab an article that was printed previously in the Marietta Daily Journal. The words are just as timely today. May all our heroes rest in peace and their families take comfort in knowing that the lives of the loved ones for whom they grieve still have meaning.


I toured redevelopment projects in Boise, Idaho and Las Vegas, Nevada. Similar to my time in Greenville, South Carolina, 3 weeks ago, these latest visits are part of my continuing research into the strategies, plans and accomplishments of U.S. cities that are successfully redeveloping.

Combined with 3 other visits to projects in Los Angeles and Oakland, California, I have a much better idea of what works and what doesn’t work in urban development. Each is unique. Some are public-private partnerships and some are private investments. All involved some risk by the cities and developers regardless of their public or private nature.

Without exception each project was led by a visionary leader. I was very impressed and grateful for the openness and time that public officials, business people, and ordinary folks on the street gave me to tell me about their cities and projects.

We truly live in a wonderful country. Having said that, it’s good to be home in Cobb County.