Another week that saw me not only meeting voters but also took me to Greenville, SC.  I learned how the city lost their Braves minor league team over a dispute about funding a new stadium and acquired another minor league team whose organization built the stadium for the city.  They also threw in some trolley’s as shuttles as part of the deal . If this sounds familiar, it should.

But the most inspiring event was being at the finish line at the Shepherd Center on Sunday when the Shepherd’s Men–12 veterans–completed their 911 mile run from New York City to support a fund raising campaign for the Shepherd Center. America still makes warriors like they used to–and these heroes proved it.

One word summarizes my travels around Cobb this week: Fun I participated in many programs this week that exemplified the many, many ways that people in Cobb enrich the lives of others either through informational forums, volunteer projects, and political activity.

Also gratifying this week was that no matter where I went, I encountered friends and supporters. It is becoming increasingly clear to me that many people believe it is time for a change in the leadership of Cobb government. I am asking them to make Boyce their Choice. Your voice matters and I am asking you to join our team by clicking on the volunteer button.

Spring Break in Cobb County empties the roads as voters leave town for vacations. But there were still many opportunities to visit senior citizens and be a guest at veterans programs during the week.

We are signing up more volunteers every week as well as voters asking to be added to our email list for updates. Likewise, our Facebook page is adding followers every day.

You are all important and I want you on our team. Make Boyce your choice by joining us to make a difference and statement in 2016.