As November 3d draws nearer, one can sense the pace beginning to accelerate. I am pleased to see the Republican Party at different levels working hard to get out the vote. As I have stated on many occasions, there are still more Republicans in Cobb than Democrats. But in order for our slate to win, Republican voters have to make a much, much better showing than they did in June during the primary.

While my campaign is important, the public still expects me to lead the County as their Chairman. I was very pleased to see the Board continue to work with me as we find the best use for the funding provided to us by the Congress from the CARES legislation. We had a very informative work session last Monday when all the parties who received funding reported on their use of the revenue the Board approved for them. Certainly, the fact that more than 3200 businesses in Cobb will receive some form of a small business grant was impressive. But the efforts in the other areas of pubic health, public schools, work development, rental and mortgage assistance, food insecurity, and allocation to the cities reflected our commitment to help those in need. Cobb is a very special place. What the Board has done during the pandemic to help so many is a legacy that will stand the test of time. I am proud to have been the Chair that guided the Board during these times.

Early voting still remains strong as does the use of the absentee ballot. For those who insinuate that the wait times for voting are a form of voter suppression, I would strongly encourage you to go my campaign web site at and watch the video with my thoughts.

I was pleased to receive a contribution and support of the Cobb Association of Realtors on Friday. The residential and commercial real estate markets remain strong despite the pandemic. The Board of the Association appreciated my actions to sustain this important part of our economy.

Our teams continue to canvas and phone bank.

We begin the final phase of our campaign with our Get Out the Vote effort which is probably unique among all the candidates. As usual it involves sweat equity. But anything worth having is worth working hard for.


I learned early that time is one thing that you cannot get back. Therefore, I usually tried to complete early the various papers I had to write when in school. That allowed me the opportunity to make revisions should circumstances require it prior to submitting the paper. Our campaign has been influenced by similar thinking. We front loaded a number of actions including canvassing and phone banking early in the year for the Primary and early in the summer for the General Election. This has been critical since there is no way I could continue to fulfill my duties as Chairman and still campaign if we decided to focus our efforts in the traditional post-Labor Day period for campaigns. The foresight of this approach is being borne out as local races become drowned out by the money pouring into the Presidential, senatorial, and congressional campaigns. Moreover, the large number of absentee ballots (more than 130K in Cobb alone) and the start of early voting tomorrow have changed the nature and timing for campaigns.

So, while still canvassing daily, I still have time be part of such events as touring our new medical examiner building, be part of the reopening of County senior centers, and working with Commissioner Ott and the County staff in responding to local flooding on Sunday.

Highlighting last week was the arrival of our 5th grandchild, Charlotte Anne.

In short, a Chairman has to be able to multi-task and yet remain focused on the game plan and avoid distractions as the General Election on November 3d fast approaches. Below are the time and locations for early voting in the County. Don’t forget that there are also 16 ballot boxes located throughout the County for absentee ballots. You can also mail the ballots.

There are people who like to go to political rallies. Then there are those who go a little farther and canvas and make telephone calls. Both have their place. But I am reminded of a story by a candidate who said that he had all kinds of volunteers at the start of his campaign. The problem was that they all wanted to do his web site. I acknowledge that there is place for technology in campaigning. But, if your message resonates, victory comes at the door and on the phones. The reason we have been doing canvassing and telephone calls since January is for that very reason. The importance of getting your message out early cannot be emphasized enough, particularly now that you see other candidates and their signs coming to life around the County.

The election is in 5 weeks; 35 days. The County has mailed out roughly 130K absentee ballots. I offered my card at the door today a gentleman and he said he had already voted. I sensed that he was happy to be over and done with this election. It’s just a thought; I am not a political operative. But in those 130K absentee ballots, many people will vote early just to get this election behind them like the voter I met today. In those ballots might be the majority for some of the candidates in this election. Judy, I and our team have 30 more days of canvassing. We are in that mode and there is no stopping; us. But it is done with the knowledge that for the last 270 days the thousands of doors we canvassed may already have planted the seeds for victory.

Since I wrote last, we can see and sense the lives of many people adapting to life in the pandemic. County schools will return children to the classroom in early October, the County positivity rate of testing for the virus is less than the CDC standard of 5%, and that people are going back to work, I can take some satisfaction in knowing that some of my hard work and confidence in our staff, our community partners and, most importantly, the people of Cobb County, is paying off.

We can’t become complacent and I am confident we shall not. But last week, I savored the Braves winning their 3d consecutive National League East Division title, watching SEC football, and holding the new baby of a member of my campaign team and his wife. We are in a place where the hope that I have emphasizing during the summer is about to become a reality. I have provided the leadership that has guided us through these rough waters. I look forward to continuing to do so for 4 more years.