Six months of hard work by our campaign team will be judged on Tuesday by the voters. Ultimately for the Republicans in Cobb, they are asked to decided who is best qualified to navigate us through political shoals in good weather and bad. It calls for leadership.

My record in office is one that has restored fiscal stability to the County, provided additional compensation, training, and equipment for our staff, especially public safety, added parks, green space, and libraries, and kept all our amenities open. I am proposing a budget for 2021 that leaves millages at the same rates for the 3d straight year.

Since March 1st of this year, I have guided the Board through an agenda responding to the COVID 19 pandemic, defining categories for use of funding for the CARES legislation, implementing programs to address food insecurity, rental assistance, and support for small businesses, and projects for renewal of the SPLOST. We have reopened the County for work and play. After meeting with all 3 of our rating agencies in New York, I am confident that we shall retain our AAA bond rating for the 23d consecutive year.

Because of programs that emphasize community involvement by the County and especially Department of Public Safety, the protests over the last 10 days supporting the Black Lives Movement have all been peaceful. I support the right for the people to convey their grievances to their government. On Tuesday, the Board will continue to reaffirm that there is no room for racism, bigotry, prejudice, hate or discrimination in Cobb County. Under my term, we have seen increased County government leadership appointments that demonstrate our commitment to diversity.

On June 9th, I am asking the voters to allow me to continue to build on this record of achievement, one that reflects my commitment to continue to make Cobb a choice destination where we can all safely, work, live, play and pursue our dreams.

I believe our Founding Fathers would have smiled watching Cobb this week. The Board approved the project list for renewal of SPLOST (5-0); agreed on the categories for funding under CARES legislation (5-0); passed $50M in assistance for small businesses (5-0); and provided funds for rental assistance (4-1).

For the last generation Cobb has sewn together a quilt of public and private organizations to support various constituencies in Cobb County. Whether it be the homeless, hungry, disenfranchised, cities, business community, churches or faith-based groups, schools, and the public in general, Cobb has had the leadership to respond to new realities and make the necessary adjustments. The quilt has been strengthened regularly with new threads of thinking and commitment that has tied us together in a unique way because of the personal relationships that underlie all our actions. It is diversity at its best. We acknowledge that we are still on a journey but are working for the common good of everyone in Cobb. We treasure the quality of life we have here because we have worked hard for it.

This weekend people tested the quilt and our tolerance. There were 3 BlackLivesMatter demonstrations in Cobb over the weekend: Cumberland Mall on Saturday and Kennesaw State and Marietta Square on Sunday. All ended peacefully. This outcome was the result of many public and private organizations working together. In Cobb. we expect the best and got it from everyone.

Finally, we are entering the final week of the campaign before the June 9th primary. Below are the locations for early voting.

MAIN OFFICE: 736 Whitlock Ave. Marietta, GA June 1 – 5 Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm
NORTH: North Cobb Senior Center 3900 S Main St. Acworth, GA 30101 June 1 – 5 Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm
SOUTH: Riverside EpiCenter 135 Riverside Pkwy. Austell, GA 30168 June 1 – 5 Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm
EAST: East Cobb Government Service Center 4400 Lower Roswell Rd. Marietta, GA 30068 June 1 – 5 Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm
WEST: West Cobb Senior Center 4915 Dallas Hwy. Powder Springs, GA 30127 June 1 – 5 Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm

There is NO voting on June 6, or on Monday, June 8

As of today, at least 143 of 144 precincts will be open for voting on 9 June. Go to see how long lines are on voting days.

First, the good news. Originally, in March, the virus was spreading in Cobb every 3 days. Today, it is down to every 30 days. Likewise, for deaths. There is no single reason for this. I am confident that the 30 days that we sheltered in place in March and April afforded us the opportunity to educate the public on essential mitigation measures. Additionally, the time provided some needed social distancing. Finally, in the nearly one month that we have been off the sheltering in place, most people are still taking the necessary precautions. As I have always believed, if you engage the people in Cobb in a conversation, they’ll work with you.

Tuesday is an important day for the future of Cobb. The Board will be voting on the proposed list of projects for renewal of the SPLOST. Once approved by the Board, it will go before the voters in November. The list can be found at

The campaign remains relentless in reaching out to the voters. The primary is on June 9th and many people with whom we have spoken are doing so by absentee ballot. I miss the door-to-door canvassing but have enjoyed talking with so many wonderful people over the last 2 months. There is still 2 solid weeks of phone banking before the primary. Call 678 628 8501 if you have time.

Finally, Monday was Memorial Day. I have an uncle whose life is honored with his name on the Wall in DC. In my career I had to make a call with a chaplain to a new gold star mother. I laid other Marines to rest. As I grow older, their sacrifices grow more meaningful. It is comforting to see a nation again recognizing that it is our duty, the living, to honor and cherish those who paid for their commitment to defend our country with their lives.