There simply is not enough space for pictures of all the recent events in which we have been participants.  In addition to visiting (and eating) in many of the small businesses in Cobb, we hosted our own picnic at Terrell Mill Park.  Regardless of what the World Health Organization says, there is simply nothing that replaces a good hamburger or hot dog.

Be part of the fun in making a difference in Cobb’s future.  Volunteer and donate today.


A fun week on the campaign trail that featured people from all walks of life, from current elected officials to former ones, from auctioneers to small business owners, from campaign workers to campaign stops.  Slowly but surely we are building the foundations for the grassroots movement that will bring honest and open government to Cobb County.

What an amazing weekend on the campaign trail.  Saturday began early with the ordination ceremony for my brother in Christ Joe Profit, former running back for the Atlanta Falcons.  Then our versatile volunteers swept back the flood waters at our assigned pavilion at Oregon Park and hosted our picnic where we met and fed more a legion of voters, primarily from West Cobb.  I ended the afternoon by dropping in at the 6th Annual Georgia Robotics Invitational Tournament and Showcase (GRITS) at Walton High School.  The future of America was clearly in evidence in the smart and enthusiastic young men and women at that event.  We live in a wonderful county and country; it was clearly on display today.

Make Cobb an even better place to live with an open and transparent government.  Volunteer and donate today!!