President Calvin Coolidge once asked the wealthy financier J.P. Morgan what criteria he used before lending money to a potential borrower. Morgan’s answer was succinct and still applies today. He responded that the “first thing in life…was character. To destroy someone’s reputation for character was to destroy his credit, which in turn hurt commerce. Character, he said, was the fundamental basis of business. Character was all.”

I believe that integrity and trust are fundamental to good government. A lack of character is not only bad for business; it is also bad for government. A government which is led by a leader with a lack of character is a government which is not credible.


238 Days to the Primary on May 24th, 2016

It was a fun week on the campaign trail with events including the Concert on the Square in Marietta and working the GOP booth at the North Georgia State Fair.  Tip O’Neil once said that all politics is local and we are learning the true meaning of that expression as we travel around the County and meet voters.

I can’t find enough words of praise for our volunteers as they come out in good weather and bad to spread our message.  Become part of the movement that brings open and transparent government to Cobb by donating and volunteering today.



245 days until the Primary on 24 May 2016

We are getting ready for a couple big events this coming weekend: The Concert on the Square on Friday night in Marietta and the Georgia State Fair on Saturday morning. Come on out and be part of our campaign have a great time in the bargain!!