As the State Legislature resumes its session and members count down the
days to Sine Die sometime in late March or early April, it is a good time
to remind everyone that our campaign has a relatively clear field for
canvassing and other campaign activities until then. State legislators are
not allowed to fund raise or campaign until after Sine Die. When that
happens, pent-up campaigning will be released as candidates seeking
reelection flood your mail before early voting begins.

Because local officials are so far down the ballot, most people don’t know
who represents them on the Board of Commissioners or other offices. For
that reason, we are committed to our canvassing effort. It’s not only a
sign of respect but also allows them to put a face with a name on the
ballot. There is benefit to the personal touch when people vote.

The public can begin mailing in their absentee ballots on March 31st, (37
days from today) and in-person early voting begins on April 27th (64 days
from today). Almost 50% of people in Cobb vote early. Think about it; in
the next 75 days the outcome of our reelection campaign could be decided if
we don’t get out the vote and win the primary.

All the cold and wet days in January and February that volunteers supported
our campaign will bear fruit on May 19th (86 days from today).

I’d like you share that feeling that you made a difference by helping us
with our campaign. Volunteer opportunities are available on our web site.
Get involved. It is your voice.

In a recent conversation with a longtime acquaintance, I was told that many in his circle do not believe that I am totally committed to my campaign for reelection. Somehow it has been overlooked that I am a full-time chairman who has major responsibilities in a County that ensures the safety and quality of life for 760,000+ residents and provides services to 13,000+ businesses. I address my County duties in the morning, campaign early in the afternoon, and then have evening engagements during the week and weekend. The Board meeting last Tuesday went to nearly midnight and I didn’t leave my office until much later. Thursday evening, I was a civic participant at a wonderful program for middle schoolers at Campbell High School

Fitting in a grassroots campaign means one thing–you forfeit practically any personal life you have with your family and friends. In the last 3 weeks Judy and I have canvassed approximately 2000 doors. At a minimum we do this 5 days a week. Every development that I canvassed this week had homes perched on knolls. You get more than your steps walking up and down the driveways and between homes.

It is a campaign that is primarily supported by small donors. Many of them have responded to my open commitment to my faith walk. They don’t ask for much, just a government that calls them back and tries to help them with their problems. I came from that community and despite the sacrifices that come with this campaign, meeting them at the door once again has been refreshing.

Yard signs will begin to mushroom again as our wave of canvassing and phone banks begin to spread. So, my answer to anyone who still doubts that I am committed is to call me and walk with me just one day. You can also make a difference by donating and volunteering. Ask a friend to drive and, with our new digital canvassing app, you can meet your neighbors. All you need is an iPhone or iPad. We’ll come train you on it. Judy and I have been using it for 3 weeks and it’s great!! No more paper reports.

My weekly video addresses, among other things, the major achievement last week of the Board’s approval of a step-in-grade pay table for our public safety officers. This will be the third pay raise for many of them during my first 3 years in office.

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