By any measure, the actions of the leadership of Cobb County government last week was extraordinary, and not in a good way. There was the Chairman’s flip flopping on the issue of a referendum for the funding of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system and passing the buck to the County Manager as to who was responsible for comments made in a federal grant; the spin by the Chairman’s chief deputy who argued that the Board of Commissioners by their silence in a past meeting on a presentation that included the BRT had consented to the project as being the local preferred alternative for mass transit; and the growing lack of trust in the Chairman as a result of his actions of rewriting the approved Board’s agenda for the June 23d meeting without the knowledge of all members of the Board.

All this muddying the water by the Chairman and his deputy reminds me of the lines from a movie about Admiral Hyman Rickover when he spoke about responsibility.

“Responsibility is a unique concept. It can only reside and inhere in a single individual. You may share it with others but your portion is not diminished. You may delegate it but it is still with you. You may disclaim it but can never divest yourself of it. “

I am a candidate for Cobb County Chairman because I believe the County needs new leadership and a new direction. As your Chairman, I shall be responsible for what goes on in your County government and I am committed to leading an honest and transparent government.

Join us today by donating and volunteering using the buttons on this page. Together we can bring change that is clearly needed in our County government.

One the hardest lessons to learn as a candidate is time management. You can’t “bank” time and once it’s gone it’s gone. This past week was a great example of that as I weaved time raising funds and connecting with some of the “families” that are important to me. I attended meetings with my Kiwanis family; had breakfast with my Cobb GOP family; welcomed a new bride to my Marine Corps League family; and relished the grandchildren of our children’s families.

These “families” are just some of my “network” that keeps me grounded. I am accountable to them. They are reminders that a campaign is as much about why you run as about how you run. In the end, a campaign is about developing a relationship with your voters–and asking to be invited into their “family.” I interpret my obligation and contract with them as important as anything that I did in the Marine Corps. In a sense, they are all my “troops” and I am committed to working hard every day to uphold their trust in me.

We are in the final steps of linking this web page to our campaign banking account. In the interim you can mail donations using the form and address on the Donate tab on this web page.

On Tuesday, June 2, 2015, I took the next step in my candidacy by filing the Declaration of Intent to campaign for Chairman of the Cobb County Board of Commissioners. While traveling across the County for the last three months and talking to the everyday citizens, I have heard a clear call for new leadership in Cobb County. The decision to file was made as a sign of my commitment to my supporters and in response to those who asked to donate to the campaign
The necessary steps to ensure compliance with all banking industry regulations will delay slightly the establishment of a link on this web page to our campaign banking account. In the interim you can mail donations using the form and address on the Donate tab on this web page.

I shall continue to travel around Cobb County meeting voters and listening to their concerns. WE have a long road in front us but clearly this campaign is already registering with many voters. I need your help in getting out OUR message. Become one of those who can say that they were there at the beginning of this new page in the history of Cobb County by clicking on the Volunteer button.