I am very appreciative of all those who supported our campaign that led to our victory in the Republican primary last Tuesday.

At least I believe I won because as of tonight, Sunday, all the ballots have not been counted.

In more time than it took the allied ground campaign in 1991 to retake Kuwait and of which I was part, we still do not have a validated count.

In 3 countries in which I deployed or resided-Iraq, Macedonia, and Turkey-all had completed their national count in less time that it has required for us to tally our county vote.

The failure is so monumental it defies belief. Worse it has given credence to those who argue that there is voter suppression in Georgia. If there is any, it is an indirect result of people giving up and not voting at a precinct because the wait was so long. Or, because they bought the narrative that an absentee ballot would not be counted, waited in line, and gave up. Approximately 11K people applied for an absentee ballot, changed their minds, and came to vote on Tuesday. Every ballot had to be processed separately which added to the lines and wait.

The ominous implications for the general election in November when there historically 2 or 3 times as many voters are self-evident.

There are issues at many layers that need to be addressed and immediately. The State has shifted much of the blame to the county poll workers. That is blatantly unfair. The new voting system has more components and hence more time is need for each voter to cast their vote. Because the systems have more components more technical support is essential. Additional training is clearly essential.

Tens of thousands of absentee ballots were submitted. The County started counting the week before the primary and processed 20K+ of them. Earlier counting of these ballots would help. One option would be to count the ballots as soon as we receive them.

More poll workers are needed but I suspect the pandemic will continue to influence the number of volunteers. County staff volunteered in many instances but we need to look at how we can use other members of the staff to address the anticipated shortfall of poll workers.

The final bill is still unknown and the State expects us to pay it. Our obligation to fund the cost of a secure election is clear. But I suspect that this is one bill that may rankle for a long time if we have to bear it alone.


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