By now many of you may feel saturated with the coverage about COVID 19. I’ll simply say that the best source of information continues to be the Center for Disease Control.

Although I am obviously biased, the most current information is the Cobb County web site.

There are still many passengers from the cruise ship at Dobbins Air Reserve Base. If you have questions about them, please go to:

I was at Dobbins Sunday afternoon helping members of the Chamber of Commerce unload food supplies for the cruise ship passengers. Congressman Loudermilk arrived at the same time on a fact-finding mission about the status of the passengers.

I am not canvassing further until I see what impact the widespread measures are having on controlling the spread of the virus. It was a difficult decision since this effort has given me an opportunity to talk to people across the County. But leadership starts at the top, and I have to set the example, particularly as the Chairman.

In the meantime: (1) if you are sick stay home; call your health care provider before you go to them since such an action may spread the virus (2) wash your hands regularly and for 20 seconds (3) sneeze into tissue, discard the tissue, and then wash your hands (4) maintain social distancing (5) gather your information from credible government and medical web sites. We are entering a new normal for an unknown period. It may be a era when we have more time with our families and hobbies. For those who believe in a higher power, this is certainly time for prayer or other quiet periods of mediation or reflection. I am confident that we shall emerge from this challenge because I am already seeing the resilience of people as they reorganize their lives sensibly and confidently to confront the unknown.


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