As many of you know, I was a naval aviator. There was nothing better than flight operations around the boat. All of my training and expectations culminated on the flight deck. From the deck crew towing your aircraft into place, the unfolding of the rotary blades and tail section like a giant moth awakening, to the violence of jet engines and drone of rotor heads turning at 100% and then finally the hurricane force winds as my helo lifted into flight, there was nothing like it. Occasionally, as I waited for the chains to be removed from my landing gear before it was my turn to depart, I would sit there and take in all that was going on around me and realize how important each person was in the success of my mission.

The same kind of team work is playing out in our campaign. The picture above shows the push cards that await my next venture into neighborhoods in Cobb. They were the result of someone who designed and printed the cards, volunteers who put them together, and people who mapped out the canvassing. The drivers who take us to the neighborhoods are essential to our message being delivered. We can always use the help.

After grueling weeks of canvassing in July and August, the message that is emerging is that our personal efforts are effective. It is amazing how few people in the area that we are canvassing know who their elected officials are. They may have received mailers but the experience of meeting their elected officials is a new one for most of them. Our campaign believes that the personal touch will change that. The scores of people with whom Judy and I have spoken are giving us the assurance, in the words of a familiar hymn, that day is breaking and with it hope is dawning.


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