The Marietta Daily Journal on Sunday published an editorial encouraging passage of and signing by the governor of State Senator Lindsey Tippins’ bill that requires voter input on large transit projects. In Senator Tippins’ own words, “To make the argument that an elected group of commissioners could obligate the finances of a county for 75 years without voter input and huge amounts of money is illogical to me.” The MDJ seemed to endorse heartily this position by noting that “(a)llowing the voters to decide the way to spend their hard-earned money is never wrong.”

In my view, there is clearly and finally an awakening (if not an outright alignment) with our campaign’s position that no public project paid for by general obligation or revenue bonds of more than $20 million should be approved by the Board of Commissioners without a referendum.

If you are still sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if our campaign has what it takes to win, the counter in this message reflecting the activity of our team and the news above, should encourage you to wait no longer. I mentioned last month that our campaign resembles a football game with four quarters. As we enter our second quarter, we now know that we no longer have the field to ourselves. But we have been playing 2 months longer than any other candidate and the efforts of our volunteers have brought exposure and name recognition that is priceless.

We shall still be canvassing and making telephone calls for the foreseeable future. Moreover, there are several forums planned in late March and throughout April. Watch this site for dates and locations of those events. Finally, we are planning to march in the Big Shanty Festival Parade on Saturday, 16 April. This is always a fun event.

Volunteer and we’ll find a place to use your skills. Contributions are important to pay for our single salaried staff member. Join in the fun. Volunteer and donate today.



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