As the Chairman of Cobb County, I am committed to ensuring that Cobb is a choice destination where we can all safely work, live, play and pursue our dreams by:

  1. Continuing with my promise to lead an open, transparent, and honest government
  2. Funding public safety to ensure that our first responders are the best led, equipped and trained officers
  3. Ensuring our high quality of life by properly supporting the operations of all our recreational and cultural facilities
  4. Protecting the integrity of our elections
  5. Finding solutions for our mobility issues
  6. Working with the private sector to find solutions for affordable housing
  7. Providing competitive compensation and benefits for County employees
  8. Participating in programs in our K-12 and higher-level school systems
  9. Encouraging businesses to locate and remain in the County by offering selective incentives and outstanding service support
  10. Working to retain the County’s and Water System’s AAA bond rating by ensuring a stable government that meets all its obligations in a budgetarily responsible manner.
  11. Showing my respect for all members of the public by responding to their queries in a time and as often as practicable personal manner