This campaign resembles a football game in that there are 4 quarters. We are in the first quarter and finding it an open field as we do our canvassing and telephone calls. We know there is an opponent out there; he just hasn’t shown up to play yet other than running ads building up to a game which is already halfway through the 1st quarter. This quarter is how democracy is supposed to work; people become passionate about a candidate and get behind him. These people, our volunteers, are out there every day, stirring up interest in the game by calling other people, asking them to play with their time, their talents, and their contributions.

These volunteers come to appreciate the kind of commitment that is needed to keep a democracy working. They understand that when complacency sets in, people take advantage of it to shut out the voices of the people. That is exactly what is happening in our County government. We have a Chairman who finds our voices inconvenient and is doing everything he can to ignore us. He is not leading the form of government that I wore a uniform for 30 years to defend.

The next quarter starts after March 7th when candidates qualify—when we find out who the real players are. We are not waiting that long. As I have said since the formal declaration of my candidacy, I shall be in the race until the end. But like any game, we need fresh players. Now is the time to join. Not March. Not April.

Get involved!! Join the team by donating and volunteering!!


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