I toured redevelopment projects in Boise, Idaho and Las Vegas, Nevada. Similar to my time in Greenville, South Carolina, 3 weeks ago, these latest visits are part of my continuing research into the strategies, plans and accomplishments of U.S. cities that are successfully redeveloping.

Combined with 3 other visits to projects in Los Angeles and Oakland, California, I have a much better idea of what works and what doesn’t work in urban development. Each is unique. Some are public-private partnerships and some are private investments. All involved some risk by the cities and developers regardless of their public or private nature.

Without exception each project was led by a visionary leader. I was very impressed and grateful for the openness and time that public officials, business people, and ordinary folks on the street gave me to tell me about their cities and projects.

We truly live in a wonderful country. Having said that, it’s good to be home in Cobb County.


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